Competence to stand trial is raised when justice-involved individuals exhibit signs or symptoms of conditions that can impair their ability to competently proceed with their criminal case. These individuals are sent for evaluation to assess their competence; this process can be drawn out. Furthermore, individuals who are found incompetent to stand trial are sometimes detained for extended periods, potentially leading to harmful outcomes.

Due to the difficulty faced by many jurisdictions across the country to provide timely competence to stand trial/competence restoration services, the subject has drawn considerable interest, and many are seeking ways to improve this process and identify best practices. The Competence to Stand Trial microsite, developed by Policy Research Associates, is a one-stop-shop for competence to stand trial/competence restoration resources, research, and useful tools.

This microsite is composed of the following sections:

  • What Is Competence to Stand Trial?
  • Tools
  • Research
  • News
  • Trueblood: Diversion in Washington State

The materials provided in the microsite may help jurisdictions improve outcomes for individuals for whom competence to stand trial is raised and the jurisdictions that serve them.

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This resource was first shared in 2020.