Since 2018, PRA has provided technical assistance to 15 diversion services programs in Washington State funded by the Trueblood class-action lawsuit settlement. Trueblood enforces a person’s constitutional right to timely competence evaluation and restoration services. As part of this technical assistance, PRA hosted the Trueblood Diversion Services Summit in September 2019 with participation from stakeholders across Washington State. The purpose of the Summit was to assist with the implementation of the state’s diversion services plan and to expand jail diversion programs state-wide.

The report provides an overview of the background, timeline, and activities leading up to and following the Summit. The event provided a national perspective on diversion of individuals with mental illness, offered opportunities to learn about diversion programs underway throughout the state, and supported ample cross-community networking and dialogue. Readers will find a detailed overview of recommendations to enhance diversion programs and competence restoration services within the report. Recommendations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Expand and enhance the crisis care continuum and law enforcement/mental health co-response.
  • Develop formal and coordinated screening and diversion strategies for arraignment diversion and pre-plea diversion.
  • Develop guidance to courts and diversion stakeholders on requesting a re-evaluation of competency status for those in jail awaiting transfer to a restoration bed.
  • Pursue multiple strategies to improve access to housing for justice-involved individuals.
  • Associated Mappings:
    • Competence to Stand Trial

This resource was first shared in 2020.