Maureen McLeod , Ph.D., M.S.

Maureen McLeod Ph.D., M.S.

Position: Policy Research Staff
Mappings of Focus:Sequential Intercept Model Mapping Workshops
Sequential Intercept Model Mapping Workshops

Maureen McLeod is a Senior Research Associate with Policy Research Associates, Inc. (PRA). She was the substantive lead for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) Virtual Learning Collaborative on the Eight Guiding Principles for Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice, the lead researcher/writer for SAMHSA’s project on Evidence Based Practices for Community-Based Psychiatric Interventions for Justice-Involved Persons, and a substantive lead for SAMHSA’s Virtual Learning Community on Data and Information Sharing Across the Sequential Intercept Model. In addition, she provides technical assistance support as a trainer for the GAINS Center’s How Being Trauma Informed Improves Criminal Justice Responses project; serves as a facilitator for the GAINS Center’s Sequential Intercept Model Mapping Workshops initiative; chairs the Institutional Review Board at PRA; and serves as President of the Board for Policy Research, Inc.

Dr. McLeod joined PRA after more than three decades as a Professor of Criminal Justice and Forensic Mental Health. She received both her M.S. and her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from The University at Albany.