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Carol Speed

Carol Speed has worked at various levels with government agencies, [...]

Arnold Remington

Arnold Remington is a consultant with Policy Research Associates. He [...]

Debra Pinals

Debra Pinals is a clinical professor of psychiatry and director [...]

Stephen Phillippi

Stephen Phillippi is the Chair of Behavioral and Community Health [...]

Connie Milligan

Connie Milligan is a consultant to Policy Research Associates. She [...]

Kathleen Kemp

Kathleen Kemp is an assistant professor of research at the [...]

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson is the founder of J.K. Johnson Advisors, which [...]

Jacquelyn Greene

Jacqui Greene is an assistant professor of public law and [...]

Melissa Neal Stein

Melissa Neal Stein is Senior Research Associate at Policy Research [...]

Chanson Noether

Chanson Noether is a Vice President and Program Area Director [...]